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Give Hope

Give Hope
Posted on April 15, 2014
Bridgette Messed Up hair muscle shot One of the best gifts I ever received was hope. I had reached a very dark place in my life and was very dissatisfied with myself to put it mildly. After having 3 children, I was not in the best of shape. This led me to turning down the lights at night before any intimate time could be achieved. I considered myself to be too ugly to be beholden in the daylight.

As I look back over this, I know part of it was foolish. My husband didn’t really care how I looked and always made me feel beautiful. I, too, should not have been so focused on my body, but I was. I was the source of my own insecurity. I knew something had to change.

I began to take baby steps. After several attempts at various workouts, I stumbled upon the Tracy Anderson Method. Her method was fresh, innovative and unique. I tried it and enjoyed it. And it wasn’t just the workout that I enjoyed. I enjoyed her. I enjoyed the fact that she told me I could do it. She told me I could change. She told me to stick with it.

And I believed her. She made me believe I could do it. She gave me hope. Hope was exactly what I needed. I needed it more than I needed the workout regime. It was an intangible gift that grew and translated into tangible long lasting, ever fruitful results. Hope was my spring. It was my new beginning.

Now I fervently believe in giving hope. I love to give hope to others through the mechanism of physical fitness. I want people to believe that they can go from being weak to being strong. And they can. Many people do not realize that being healthy and strong translates to every aspect of their lives. Because of hope I began to workout, which then led me to being more bold in the bedroom and to being more bold in general. I now feel good in my body, good in my mind, and good in my spirit. It isn’t about a perfect body, it is about strength and confidence. I believe hope is a conduit for change.

With all my heart,


Putting Myself Out There

Posted by: bridgette | on April 8, 2014

Bridgette’s HeadshotAs many of you know I have made many life changes over the past few years. I went from sedentary stay-at-home home schooling momma to fitness freak. When the fitness bug struck, this got me off the couch, but not out of the house. Then my husband decides he wants to make a major life change so we find ourselves in the Denver area while he pursues his Master’s Degree. I support him 100%. This however, is a costly endeavor.

When the bills started piling up I thought it would be a good time to become a group fitness instructor. I was already leading a workout group for well over two years, so it just made sense that I should get paid for something I absolutely loved doing. After a few months of study, I secured my certification. I then went on to get certified in High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness. In the world of working out, I soon realized that having a specialty was a must. Now I am on the job hunt.

Since I have lived in my safe stay at home mommy cocoon for such a long time now, going out into the real world actually feels kind of strange sometimes. It’s like I have to learn how to navigate all over again. I have to learn how to sell myself and my skills. I have to believe in myself enough to persuade others to believe in me as well. This takes confidence and courage. I really hate putting myself out there so much, but it has to be done. I really do have to believe in myself because if I don’t, how can I expect to have others believe in me?

So if you have a worthy endeavor, go for it. Put yourself out there. :)

With all my heart,


2nd Week-30 Day Kettlebell Challenge Workout

Posted by: bridgette | on April 6, 2014

Dear Friends,

BR_kkp_51I hope you enjoyed the first week of the 30 Day Kettlebell Challenge. You should be a master at the swing by now.

I know some of you are just beginning the first week, and that is just fine. It doesn’t matter when you start it, it just matters that you finish strong.

In this weeks workout, you will do 4 new moves. Please watch the instructional video before commencing with the workout. I would like for you to practice the moves for a few minutes just to get your body familiar with the movements.

I have included the swing in this workout as well. Since you have been performing this move already for 7 days now, try and use a heavier weight on the swing this time. If you try it, and you still don’t feel ready for a heavier weight, then go back to your lighter one.

You may also be able to use a heavier weight on the push press and on the double hand swings. When you do the push press, you are using your lower body, so a heavier weight may work nicely for you and add a bit of a challenge. But again, only move up in weight when you are ready for it. If the weight you are using feels really easy, then it is time to go heavier. Challenge yourself, but don’t hurt yourself.

And remember, I am using a 17lb. kettlebell in my workout, so I may do less reps than you. If you are using a much lighter bell, you will most likely do more reps. You don’t need to match me rep for rep. It is possible you will do more or less depending on the weight of your bell.

Also, I have made these sets a bit longer this week. Longer sets are great for weight loss. :)

Enjoy your workout!


How to Take Your Measurements for Weight Loss

Posted by: bridgette | on April 5, 2014

Blue Tape MeasureFor those of you wanting to track your weight loss, it is important that you take your measurements. This way you can monitor your progress either daily or weekly. You will need a friend or a spouse to help you with this. You will also need a measuring tape. You can either do this naked :)- or wear tight workout clothes.

1) Measure the biceps first. Flex your muscle and measure around the tallest point of your bicep. If you don’t have a tallest point, then measure the distance between your elbow and your shoulder and then measure at the point that is exactly in the middle.

2) Measure the chest. You want to run the tape measure around your nipples, or nibbles as my youngest son used to say. I kind of like nibbles. :)

3) Now measure your waist. Go around your belly button and make sure to include your love handles. And why are they called “love” handles? Most people don’t find their love handles lovely at all.

4) Next measure your hips. Go around the biggest part of your bottom. Stand up straight and make sure your legs and feet are together when you take this measurement.

5) If you are Irish, you will measure your “ties” next. If you are American, you will measure your thighs. To make sure you measure in the exact same place every time, measure from the top of your inseam down to your knee, and then take the measurement halfway between those two points. Make sure you stand with your feet shoulder width apart and that your feet are firmly planted on the ground when you take this measurement. Measure around both thighs.

6) The calves are next. Make sure your feet are firmly planted and that your weight is evenly distributed. Measure around the widest part of your calf.

7) Don’t forget to write this all down.

Now you can track your progress. Once you start to see changes in your body, it will encourage you to work even harder and to make wiser eating choices. Positive results are incredibly motivating.

Wishing you success.


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